SunValley Kennel


Boarding & Grooming

Nestled in the Laurel Highlands in a charming country setting, slightly off the beaten path, SunValley  offers a variety of boarding options to suit your needs including inside/outside runs as well as a spacious play yard.  We aren't  overly fancy but we never put your family friend and companion with larger, more aggressive dogs.  Safety, security and comfort are at the forefront in caring for your pet.

The general kennel rates for boarding: 

Dogs:                                                                         $20 per day. 

Two or more dogs per run:                                   $18 per dog, per day.

​Cats:                                                                           $20 per day

Pit bulls/ pit bull mixes & unaltered M/FM:    $25 + per day.

Exceptionally Large Dogs:                                    $25 + per day

Special Needs:                                                         $25+ per day

 There is an off hour/holiday pick up and drop off fee of $25.

We may offer drop off and pick up for a fee. 

 Grooming rates vary depending on breed, size and condition of coat. $35-150

All charges, fees and acceptance for service are at our discretion.

Please bring your pets usual food, enough for their stay. 

We  require:

* Your pets food

* Vet records including name, address and phone number of your veterinarian 

* Emergency contacts 

* Proof of rabies & kennel cough vaccine

* Current license

! We require a detailed, signed boarding contract yearly

   A blanket or rug to remind them of home is always helpful.  If it gets overly     soiled or chewed we will dispose of or return it at our discretion 

Please call to discuss your specific boarding and grooming needs.